John Riccitiello


Unity Software

"I strongly recommend Robert Tercek of General Creativity to any organization that is preparing for big changes. He can engage with you and your leadership team to address major changes and challenges. He offers incisive strategic thinking and a unique ability to express complex ideas in plain language. I believe that Rob can help any company deeply examine the scope, scale and pace of digital transformation. He will help you guide your entire team to converge on a shared strategic vision.

Here at Unity, I felt that my leadership could benefit from an outside expert with an outside perspective on coming changes in the digital landscape. It’s not easy to find an outsider who can work with senior leaders at the top of their game and challenge their thinking without ruffling feathers. Rob Tercek exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Rob interviewed 24 executives, including all of my direct reports. He then consolidated their perspectives into a report and led a two-day planning session where he served as facilitator and MC. He also prepared and presented a talk on how larger global issues, from government to the environment, might impact our business.

Then Rob helped design a process for transmitting our strategic plan and values to 225 senior leaders in our company so that they, in turn, could convey them to their teams. This was complicated by the fact that the pandemic prevented us from gathering in one place, so Rob also devised a process that spanned a dozen simultaneous virtual meetings, so that our executives could confer with the managers in small sessions in an efficient and easy manner.

These projects were a big success for Unity.  We got excellent ROI from our work with Rob.

And --  the process was fun and inspiring."


Vice President of Global Business Intelligence


General Creativity made JD Powers’ annual sales meeting a huge success, delivering high energy and bold, fresh thinking that inspires attendees. CEO Robert Tercek provided participants with a method for framing the future of consumer experience (CX).

JD Power had a great experience working with General Creativity. I am proud to give this firm my highest recommendation. Rob is a top tier professional who put in a lot of extra effort into developing original material that was customized for our audience. 

General Creativity exceeded our highest expectations. Rob spent eight weeks preparing for the event in advance. His team conducted independent research into our themes for the event, and they also interviewed 14 executive leaders to get a deep understanding of our business.

The highest endorsement I can give is to say that J.D. Power plans on inviting General Creativity back in the future. At J.D. Power, we know what excellence looks like, and Rob Tercek is an excellent strategic advisor.


Vice President of Digital Media & Innovation

Warner Media

At my suggestion, Turner Broadcasting engaged General Creativity to conduct a series of workshops and training sessions at our campus about future scenario planning and the changing media landscape.

I recommend General Creativity to any company that is preparing for the future. This firm will design a process that will help your entire workforce to unify on a strategic plan. General Creativity can bring the rest of your partner ecosystem on board, too. CEO Rob Tercek worked closely with the management of the Turner Broadcasting channels, including CNN, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim, to plan and host their annual sales meetings.  Rob then conducted customer-facing sessions about the future during those meetings . These were immensely valuable to Warner Media and our customers. These customer sessions helped us close deals.

Rob worked with us for four years on a series of workshops, seminars and consulting engagements, and I will continue to turn to him again in the future.  I have also referred him to my partners such as NASCAR. Rob is a great facilitator of constructive conversations, careful to ensure that every participant is heard and acknowledged.  He can synthesize a range of different perspectives in real time and incorporate them into a live discussion. He struck a fine balance between fostering an open dialog and introducing provocative scenarios with bold new ideas into the mix. He is comfortable addressing every topic in our broad ecosystem.

I believe that every organization can benefit from fostering a constructive dialog about the future among ecosystem partners, vendors, and customers. If agree with that, then you will definitely benefit from engaging General Creativity to help you achieve your strategic goals. 

Melanie Nuce

Senior Vice President Corporate Development


Robert Tercek, the CEO of General Creativity, is an asset to any organization that is preparing for big changes in the near future. Rob helps companies under stand digital transformation. He brings strategic thinking and the ability to express complex ideas in plain language that everyone can understand.  

I’ve worked with Rob for more than four years on a series of long-term engagements. He gave the keynote speech about digital transformation at our national GS1 Connect conference, helped us plan and moderate a series of seminars and meetings with our industry partners and members.  Rob is skilled at helping to foster a constructive dialog about the future among supply chain partners, technology providers and customers.