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"Off-the-charts levels of energy and ingenuity"
““I trust Rob Tercek and his firm, General Creativity, and I would recommend them to every board of directors and leadership team that can benefit from an independent external expert opinion to shape priorities in digital strategy and planning.

Rob Tercek brings off-the-charts levels of energy and ingenuity to his role ...

Every month he provides our Board of Directors fresh insight and smart perspectives about the latest developments in information technology... These reports help us to define our priorities and to maintain our focus on what is most important in fields that are changing fast.””
— Jeff Sotzing, CEO Carson Entertainment Group
Its time to rethink everything.
THE CLOUD AS ACCELERANT. Many people think of cloud computing as dematerialized infrastructure. There’s another way to think of the cloud. It can be an accelerant to innovation. The cloud is suited to agile development, which can speed up your whole innovation process. How has your team adapted to cloud computing and the continuous delivery of code? How is the cloud changing the competition?