Client-Facing Engagement and Scenario Planning

J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services as well as data and analytics. General Creativity conducted two months of research, including extensive interviews with JD Power’s General Business Intelligence leadership team, to design a custom program for the annual Sales Kickoff meeting. In a subsequent engagement, General Creativity developed a custom system of trend forecasting and future scenario planning for JD Power clients in the context of evolving consumer experience.


Vice President of Global Business Intelligence


General Creativity made JD Powers’ annual sales meeting a huge success, delivering high energy and bold, fresh thinking that inspires attendees.  CEO Robert Tercek provided participants with a method for framing the future of consumer experience (CX).

JD Power had a great experience working with General Creativity. I am proud to give this firm my highest recommendation.  Rob is a top tier professional who put in a lot of extra effort into developing original material that was customized for our audience. 

General Creativity exceeded our highest expectations. Rob spent eight weeks preparing for the event in advance. His team conducted independent research into our themes for the event, and they also interviewed 14 executive leaders to get a deep understanding of our business.

The highest endorsement I can give is to say that J.D. Power plans on inviting General Creativity back in the future. At J.D. Power, we know what excellence looks like, and Rob Tercek is an excellent strategic advisor.